Overview of your health and mattress on SimplyRest.com

The desire to get sufficient quantities of uninterrupted relaxation can have an immediate or long impact on well-being. After all, a few of the main challenges impacting this capacity was its old, painful or broken mattress that all of us are lying on. Since you’re beginning to worry about purchasing a mattress, this may be a chance to throw away the old mattress and indulge in an elevated mattress to boost your health and quality of life.

Following are some conditions that you might be facing because of your mattress are:


Sweat, dust and different types of allergens make the old mattress a sanctuary of allergic reactions. Different allergies that rise include the swell throat, disturbed sleep schedule, congestion etc. An old used mattress has clusters of dust, and it harms asthma patients causing symptoms worse. 


Inadequate, disturbed and uncomfortable sleep affects the speed and accuracy of the brain. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, then you have a night of disturbed sleep. This tiredness lessens your working ability the next day, and as a result, you have a bad day. 


 The best way to stop snoring is to support your head and body while sleeping. Old mattresses are not firm enough to prevent your body from sagging. People sleeping on old mattresses snores a lot as compared to the ones sleeping on a medium-firm mattress.


Many people don’t believe but take proper and quality sleep substantially impacts your weight. Studies confirmed that by not taking enough sleep, your body’s Leptin level drops, which means you do not feel full and feel tired all over the day. Tiredness is often confused with hunger, and if a person feels tired, he/she goes for a high-fat diet. 

Following are some things you have to look at before buying a mattress


The best mattress keeps the body comfortable and spinal cord, hips, shoulders free from pressure. The best mattress will always keep your spinal cord aligned and distribute your body mass across the frame. 

Meet your needs

There are many mattresses like memory foam, latex, coil spring ( You can read further details about Types of Mattresses at https://simplyrest.com/best-mattress-side-sleepers). So, select a mattress that suits your body type and sleeping position. 

Benefits your health

You have to consider both your physical and mental health while buying a mattress. As we discussed earlier, if you don’t have comfortable and complete sleep, you cannot run your daily life activities enthusiastically. If we talk about physical health, a bad mattress will cause you back pain, bad posture, poor blood circulation. 


If you are having a good night’s sleep, then you enjoy improving mental health, weight control, and boosting the immune system and low-stress level. These all come as an outcome of buying a quality mattress that provides comfort and support.